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I have ordered from Lakeside for years, since before I was married. I have had mostly good results with them--albiet the usual complaints of backordered items and items no longer available and the occasional poorly made product--but customer service has always made it right. This time, I'm really p.o.'ed.

I've read on Lakeside's website that they put an initial hold on your debit/credit card for the full order amount, then ALSO put a second charge on your credit card as the items ship, THEN, when all items have shipped, they release that hold on your card and your funds are released. The problem I have with this is that I irdered almost $170 worth of merchandise, and only have $254 in my checking account. I don't care that they hold the money for the full amount of the transaction, but they need to charge your card out of that amount they are holding, not charge my card twice and hold all my money hostage. I only want to have to pay for the order once--and be able to put groceries on the table for my family.

I have 2 little kiids at home and a husband who works darn hard for every dollar we make. Being a homeschool mom, I try really hard to ease the financial burden on my husband by ordering early for the holidays and finding the best deals I can so we can eat and still have a great Christmas. That $254 is all the money in the world I have to get by on until NEXT Friday.

So, if they hold $170 and then charge $170 worth of merchandise to my debit card, not only am I broke with no grocery money, some items may not go thru because they are holding the money intended to pay for the order, and the remaining money not on hold is not enough to cover the whole order. What am I going to do? I usually pay by money order in the mail, but this year, due to my husband having a horrific accident that resulted in multiple amputations, I found it harder to get the money together to holiday shop and ordered by debit card so I could get the items on time.

I really hope a representative from lakeside is reading this and addresses this issue because I CAN'T afford to be double charged, even if temporarily. I guess by trying to do a nice thing for my family, I have ultimately screwed everything up by going with ordering from Lakeside. I really hope this isn't the case. If so, sadly, I won't ever order form them again. I have forgiven a lot of small issues I've had with them over the years, because ultimately they do most things right. But this one would be unforgivable and my husband will be beyond angry if I've inadvertently screwed us royally.

Bottom line is, they'd better re-think this policy and make things right with their customers. There's a lot of competition out there from online retailers, and customers are getting more and more flooded with options every day. Lakeside had better get their act together because these kind of policies will bring the whole company down. Give people a reason to shop with you. Price alone wont cut it.

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Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico #1012806

And... can somebody explain, how is it possible or logical, that a homeschool mom living in Sigourney, Iowa. is complaining while being in that place at the USA, and she writes again next day, but from Taganrog, Rostov, Russia???

Taganrog, Rostov, Russian Federation #214816

:) :grin just want to say that I am following up on my complaint one more time to say that they made good on the promise to only singly charge our debit card and our order already came today! It's everything I hoped it would be and so much more!

The quality, price and overall functionality of the merchandise was excellent! I am not only happy, I am thrilled with Lakeside. I have always ordered from them in the past, but they are now GUARANTEED my future business for years to come. That is what really separates a great company from the rest--excellent customer service, attention to detail and quality products at a great price.

THANK YOU MELANIE AND LAKESIDE! You've done a great job, once again. To anyone who has a problem with them in the past--I encourage you to try Lakeside again.

Their customer service has obviously been overhauled and given an extreme makeover! They really showed me how much they are committed to their customers' happiness!

Taganrog, Rostov, Russian Federation #213456

:) Wow! This is some company!

Melanie in customer service responded so fast it nearly gave me whiplash! As you can see from her response--the info I got about the billing was incorrect (thank goodness). So not only did they do a great job responding quickly to my complaint, they also set my mind at ease and let me know that my order is already about to ship out to me! Now how'[s that for customer service?

Everything on their website now says whether or not it's in stock, they explain the different status codes for order tracking right on their website now, I can't understand why people are so unhappy with them, If you've had a problem with Lakeside in the past, I would urge you to give them a second chance.

They are trying really hard to take good care of their customers. I am one happy lady!!


Hi Homeschoolmom,

Thank you for reaching out to me for assistance. I was happy to hear from you. I have sent you a direct email regarding your concerns.

Here is some information regarding our Authorization Process. When you submit your order, the initial credit card authorization is only for in-stock products that are available to ship. We do not authorize our customer’s credit cards for merchandise that is not in stock. Merchandise on backorder will be authorized when it becomes available.

Once items are shipped, the funds are debited from your account. The initial authorization is released as soon as your package ships. Also, you are not charged for merchandise that has been canceled.

Your complete order is in the process of being shipped and will be shipped shortly. I really hope you and your family enjoy the items that you purchased for gifts.

Happy Holidays!

Melanie Pyott

Customer Support Specialist


Hi Homeschoolmom,

Oh my goodness! I am working to find your account to contact you. If you see this, please contact me right away with your account information at so I can resolve this issue for you immediately.

Best Regards,

Melanie Pyott

Customer Support Specialist

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