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I ordered an item as a gift for another person. I logged in many days after purchase to find that they had cancelled my order without warning or explanation.

I tried 3 times to talk to the online chat people to find out why, but each time my turn would come in the que after 6-8 mnutes, it would simply log off and ask me for a rating, which, as you can imagine, was not good.

I didn't see "Your Company Bites" as an option, so I selected one star instead.

So now I have to call them and waste hours of my life just trying to get a 12.99 tart warmer shipped. :(

The first person starts asking me about an address I lived in over 5 years ago. I never realized I would have to give the name of my 3rd grade teacher to shop successfully at The Lakeside Collection. After grilling me, she hands me off to another person, who doesn't quite understand why I am now talking to her.

I explain that I have ordered before and never had a problem but suddenly I have a problem. She asks me a bunch more questions about my current address, which I have lived at for 5 years and my previous addresses and then says she will just take my order by phone. So I get out my credit card number and then she says "Wait, Do you know if you have already been charged for this?" No, I don't know without logging into my bank, so she hands me off to another person that was supposed to be billing to check to see if I have been charged yet for the order. .

I'm giving you a quote here to show the mentality I endured at Lakeside. "Ma'am, We aint gunna ship your order and that's the bottom line." Why? I asked, She said "You filed a lot of chargebacks on your orders." Umm No, I didn't. I have only ever ordered twice and never filed a chargeback.

She says I see you have filed many, many chargebacks so we have closed your account. I ask to speak to corporate and instead I get another woman telling me basically the same thing. She doesn't want to talk to me she says, she just wants to send me an email. I ask her when it was that I supposedly filed a chargeback.

I offer to send her my license and utility bills etc. She doesn't know but then she discloses that it's not MY billing address she has problem with, but the Ship To Address. Some person that once lived at the address of the person I am sending a gift to, not me or the person I am shipping to but someone else who *once* lived at that address filed a chargeback, so now they wont ever ship to that address again, it doesn't matter if the recipient is a 90 year old man who doesn't shop on line, nor does it matter that the address has nothing at all to do with me or my billing address, they "blocked" my account.

After about 3 hours, they made me a new account (yay?) I doubt I will ever venture to shop there again after all this wasted time about a person who has nothing at all to do with me or my recipient.

Now comes the part about the Lakeside Perks. I had signed up for the program and they can't link my previous purchases to my new account.

So I can't get my perks.

Am I just disgusted? Yes.

I have to ask myself how much I need this cheap garbage from China eroding the economics of America while wasting people's time.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: An Apology and Policy Change.

The Lakeside Collection Cons: Disappointing experience, Customer service smoking.

  • unjust treatment
  • Customer Mistreatment
  • Waste Of Time
  • Worst Customer Service
  • Nothing But Disappointment
  • Employee Confusion
  • Problem With Lakeside Perks
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