Lincoln, Nebraska
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I looked at my checking acct - $14.95 was taken out for Lakeside Perks, which was never authorized for Lakeside Collections to do. I emailed them to inform them this wasn’t approved and that the money should be put back into my account.

I did receive an email that my membership, which I didn’t sign up for is canceled and that the money will be returned.

We shall see if this happens from a company, who fraudently can sign one up for their so-called “Perks” program.

In the future, I will not be ordering anything from this company because of their unethical practices. I will, also, be sharing with others about this unethical practice that this company imposes on its consumers.

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I have just discovered I have also been scammed, paying for a "rewards" program I never signed up for. I have reported this to PayPal who told me my membership has been cancelled and no more payments would come out of my account.

However the email I received in return made it sound as if I had enrolled and changed my mind. Didn't happen like that.


Same thing just happened to me


They have done the same thing to me but try to get a hold of them is impossible. I think I will let my credit card take care of this. They don't have a number that I can find to contact them.


I'm with you 100%. I tried to cancel but they are still taking 14.95 out of my checking.

I guess I need to do a stop payment.

Not happy with this at all. I won't ever buy from them again.


For the last 3 months Lakeside Perk has been taking $14.95 out of my account. I do buy once in a while some things from Lakeside collection but not enough for them to take $14.95.